Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Reluctant Blogger

It is 12 noon and I have puttered away a morning by reading blogs.  One I stumbled across was of a photographer I don't even know who claims I must read to know him and hell, it is a personal diary, and beautiful photographs along the way. (his blog) My gosh, I've got to get a life.  And here I am blogging about it.  I am the reluctant blogger.  What is it in me/us that is compelled to share our thoughts, opinions, dreams, mistakes and successes?  Who really cares?  Who is listening?  The only reason I didn't continue reading was my day was disappearing.  But he was writing about things that I needed to read; he was sharing his feelings.  I had to read on.  I connected;  I didn't feel so alone.  I guess I figured it out why I am doing this.  If only for me I must speak out, I must shoot, I must share.    

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cafe selavy said...

Well, now, this is a beautiful site. Thanks so much for commenting on mine. I'll be back for more of your stories and imagery.