Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year and Hoping for Non - Extinction

Started my year off silently and effortlessly. No resolutions for me. Let's just all live life lightly. Who knows we may all be extinct shortly.

According to the scientist at Antarctica, man is surely not long for this earth. I really am not being a pessimist today. I only finished watching Werner Herzog's documentary Encounter at the End of the World. Go deeper and explore here.

The documentary put me in mind of a one I watched a while back by Philip Groning called Into Great Silence.

Some beautifully arranged words said early on by one of the characters interviewed that I'd like to use for myself sometime was " of our mind; a world of ideas...."

The documentary is listed in the adventure, travel documentary section, but I'd say it was more than that. It is a film on human study with a little antarctic history lesson. All of it shot with a tone of science fiction and a touch of spiritual influences.

A thought provoking way to end the first day of the first year of a new decade.