Thursday, April 16, 2015

The NRA in Nashville, USA

It was by happenstance I learned that the NRA was coming to Nashville.  And in two days middle america en masse were going to storm the floors of the Music City Center where guns, ammo and weaponry paraphernalia were going to be on displayed.
Amazingly it was tight in the cavernous Grand Ballroom.  I must have bumped, rubbed and dodged 50,000 of the expected 75,000 attendees.  My adrenaline was peaking right up till I had to leave at mid day on the first day and only day I could be there.  I saw things. I learned things.  As noted at it was a weekend of fun and fellowship.  And there was something for everyone in the family.  Celebrities and politician, scantily clad girls and camouflage galore was mixed among the sea of people.  Tee shirts with messages that were lost on me.   They even had a "Defense Cafe" where one could "take cover."  I left thinking that the 2nd Amendment was in no threat.  "A lot of money in them there hills".