Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Boredom

Why is it that the grass is greener, the sky is bluer, the sun is brighter when I get a job? Summer is tough every year and every year I think this is it. They have found me out. I will never get another job.

I prepared this year and enrolled in a class at Watkins in Final Cut Pro (which is all too late according to this). It was an Intro class so I can't say I learned a lot of things but it served it's purpose for me in some ways. It got me out of the house for one, but not away from this "life suck" computer. I met people, learned the proper way to save projects, and saw that I have a fun time even in a FCP class. In all it was a success. I did not have Wednesdays to obsess. I was busy in my new venture of being a student.

Over at a private group of women photographers blog I got busy submitting imagery for an exhibit and much needed connection. We met or rather they met and included me at Foto Fest in Houston. To round this post back to photography, here are images I sent in to them for a meeting we had in Chicago this past weekend. Hopefully I will be seeing them again or rather for the first time in some cases at 2012 Foto Fest Session 3.