Monday, October 15, 2012

Tennessee Valley Authority

To a Fabulous Photo crew, Cool AD, Smooth AB, Balanced Producer, Layback Acct. Exec. and a wonderful Client!!!!

Thank you for such a fun shoot everyone and thank you Aaron Catron 
for a great day 3 location.

Jeri Singletary
Heath Beeferman
Joy Rowland

Jerry Cargile

John Francescan
Mykie Fisher

Photo Crew
Lori Phillips
Mickey Bernal
Meegan Pearson
Jonathan Powell
Holly Mendelhall

and my wonderful, supportive rep.

Holly Thompson Neumann

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Nations

This is the welcoming committee in The Nations neighborhood.  Late afternoon drive, roaming the streets, I found myself perusing the alley ways and came across this impromptu Sunday evening get together.

4th Julia Margaret Cameron Award - Recognition

For other winners go here to view. 

These images will be exhibited at the Women Photographers Biennial 2013 in Paris.

APA | NY 12 2nd Place

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Here is my winning image.

ASMP-NY image12 Honorable Mention

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Pictureline Inc. Feature

Featured on Pictureline Inc. here.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

West Meade

West Meade Series:
Chris and his Crew with Stone Wall

 This is Chris's crew and the rock walls are those I believe his ancestors laid, as mentioned in an earlier post.  The stones of the wall are falling and slowly being taken over by the vegetation, animals and vandals now and of years past.  It is magical up there but history is on it's way to being forgotten.  Go here and here to read about the uniqueness of this historic area