Friday, September 7, 2012

CAW Slaughter - Main Man

I've been knowing him for years now and we've known Nashville like few have.  His family owned land, worked the land way back all around where I grew up. His mother was the house keeper(maid as we called the help then), nanny and constant of my neighbor's home.   My sister taught his cousins, nieces and nephews.  I first met him while he was laying a stone wall at the entrance to a driveway I'd pass by on my running route in the hollows of West Meade.  He told me then his ancestors had been laying stone walls all over those hills.  I found those walls, as I like to imagine are his family's, running along the ridges of the hills that surround my neighborhood.  He etched himself into my mind that day and once our paths crossed again, we entered into an agreement that he'd take care of my yard.   He has a way about him that feels like family and I have found myself looking forward to grass cutting days.

This post is his crew. 

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