Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fotofest Recap (Sort Of) and Rosalind Solomon

Last month and the beginning of this month I was in Houston for Fotofest. Wait a minute...

Let's see, how do I want to continue? I have had a hard time coming back to this blog b/c it just seems my time is being eaten up and this is just more food on my plate. It seems to be feeding my ongoing fear of not getting enough. How can it be a true benefit to me? What good is it doing for me? So rather than waste my time explaining what went on at Fotofest, which was a lot even though I had only one day at The Meeting Place, I think I will make this a journal entry of sorts or I will make a list of more things I need to do to stay relevant in this world of photography. That was the big word for me at Fotofest, btw. Relevancy.

1.) Shoot more
2.) Shoot more
3.) Shoot more

To keep my head on straight and not get too deep in the muck of negativity I have to remind myself that I must shoot what I know, what intrigues me, what is my world. I have to stop chasing the world and be in it.

While there at Fotofest I found myself comparing my work with all the wonderful work I saw the other participants showing. While seeing so much work can be daunting I did learn much.

1.) Be concise
2.) Be consistent
3.) Be considerate of the viewers interest.

Reading all the blogs and looking at countless sites of other photographers can be discouraging for me. Much of what I am doing seems to be done already and who needs another viewpoint. I see so much redundancy out there already.

So why go out and shoot more? Why add work to my life? Maybe that is my answer? It shouldn't be work; it should be my passion. What is my passion then?

A link was sent to me by a photo friend of mine and it is as if he knew where my mind was. It gave me an answer to the above question. It is a validating and comforting interview and if you are not familiar with Rosiland Solomon's work I think the interview at AmericanSuburbX might be a good introduction.

In the interview she states, and I am not quoting exactly here, that looking at other photographer's work is not good for her. She found inspiration in the other arts.

I went to the opera last week and I was so happily inspired. There was no pressure I put on myself. I simply let go and enjoyed it. Maybe I will plant a tree today.