Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Photo Editor Blog

Today I got an email from a photographer friend of mine, MT, telling me I had an image featured in an interview with Bill Black of Readers Digest on Rob Haggert, A Photo Editor, blog.   It was so fun to hear a little history about someone I've worked with for a few years now.  I've never felt like I could get personal (time, professional boundaries etc.) and I've never seen him.  I got a chance to get my curiosity satisfied today.  Rarely do I see the people that hire me.  So much of my work comes from out of town and the PE or AD is usually in NYC. I enjoy playing the imagination game with myself, though.  I try to match their voice with what I think they'd look like.  Bill's voice is rich, deep, soft and kind.  I imagined him older and taller.  And for some reason I thought he'd have dark hair with a sophisticated greying at the temples.  And my gosh, he's a photographer.  Now I Am intimidated.   Photographers can be our toughest critics.  Or maybe in my case here, my champion.  Thank you Bill and thank you, Mark.  I needed that.

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