Friday, September 19, 2008

The F Blog

Chain in Grenada

While getting to know Cafe Selavy I found The F Blog.  I am having so much fun.  I feel like I am in school again.  Everyone is talking about photography and taking pictures.  I am so tired of reading about equipment and marketing.  I guess that is why I go to flickr.  I just want to look at pictures again.  

Image off to Workbook today.  I've taken a big chance in running only one image for the spread this year.  I think this will make my 8th time in the book.  It takes so much money to be a commercial photographer. Where else would I spend my money though -  not six packs of beer and bottles of wine?  


cafe selavy said...

Can't you manage to be both an artist and a commercial photographer? I don't know anything about the latter, but it seems from where I sit that you have all the stuff to do the former. Maybe it is a matter of time and energy. The landscaper's yard, the cobbler's shoes, etc. But this photograph sure supports what I am suggesting.

TammyPatrice said...

Thank you cafe. I am in the midst of a project now assigned by me on spirituality. I am really just beginning and so at the most difficult place. I have to layout the direction; I have to decide if I have to say something thus have a responsibility to the viewer or is it purely self exploration. I am fearful of the results, but I think this is the whole purpose of the work, the assignment, lesson- art, spirituality, faith, philosophy, question, answer, opinion. All of it scares me. I guess this is why I am the reluctant blogger. The whole process of revealing myself and then the reaction or lack of is what I need to overcome, explore, test, and learn to nurture.