Sunday, September 14, 2008


Shooting for my show at the Parthenon led me to the Buddhist Temple today.  The chanting carried me away to my experiences in India.  What fond memories I have of the temples there. My mind was floating, relaxed and comforted.  I  want to go to Vietnam.  After seeing the movie Indochine with Catherine Deneuve many years ago I have wanted to get the Vietnam.  Diem told me so much about his home and his life there and I started dreaming of my experience to come. He is from the Kings City, Hue City, just north of Danang. And he was a POW for 13 years under the communist.  His aunt is a queen and he has seen and had experiences of ghost.  He taught me so much today-the 5 accents of their language, Vietnam history of the kings, the significance of the blood of a black dog and geography of the new Vietnam.  How am I going to get to all these places I want to explore? 

I was invited to enjoy a hot bowl of vegetarian soup as the rain poured outside.  Hearing and enjoying the words not understanding the conversations of the members over the long cafeteria style table and fantasizing myself in Malong Bay was wholesome and surprisingly familiar.    

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