Friday, July 24, 2009

Nashville's Soul: Images of the Sacred

Tomorrow my show opens to the public at the Parthenon East Gallery and it hangs till October 31st. I love that is closes on Halloween. How fitting a closing date for a photo exhibit on Spirituality.

Today it was announced in the Nashville Scene. More on my approach and more images to been seen are on my other Blog set up for the exhibit. I hope to post a movie clip of how it looks in the gallery space later. It is a wonderful space and I am quite honored to be invited by the curator Susan Shockley. I would love for many of those having received announcements that live out of town to see the wonderful gallery.

Susan and Brenna Cothran, Assistant Curator, are hanging it now and I have been banished from the procedure. Fine by me. They know best and I am looking forward to the surprise. After 3 years in the making/thinking/planning I am more than willing to let go of it.

My show was printed by Chromatics, framed by Ambiance by Parker and film was donated by Dury's. I am flattered by having been supported by these very successful, well known businesses. Thank you Mike, Ginny and Ron for your generosity, expertise and commitment.

The project has been a wonderful adventure that I will continue. There is so much more to explore visually, emotionally and psychologically in this subject and many topics can arise out of it. I plan to delve deeper into the project. Things are a brewing.


cafe selavy said...

Congratulations. Wonderful.

TammyPatrice said...

Thank you CS. Later this week I will post photos of the gallery space. It looks so important there