Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Don't Wake the Baby by Elvis Wilson

Elvis Wilson, DCFF award winner among other awards for his documentary Being Lincoln, is interviewed tonight by Kris Rommel at Derby City Film Fest. He came to me to be the DP of his new short, Don't Wake the Baby. I am excited and so very proud to be a part of his creation.

If you want to hear his interview, it starts about at 35 minutes into the recording. Around 45 minutes is Elvis talking about the Don't Wake the Baby. He is entertaining as always and so complimentary to me.

Thank you Elvis.

The beauty of the film was made possible by our Art Director, Chris Long. He could become an interior designer if ever he got the wild hair. I still think about the warm, cozy and believable bedroom he created with a very limited budget.

Above is a photo from the film that we hope tells a little bit about the story. We had the privilege of working with Teri Duchaine as our lead actress as you see here. Every time I watch the clips of her in emotionally packed scenes I get chill bumps. We will be seeing more of her, I am sure.

And our precious children...what can I say. They were fabulous; us adults could learn a little from their amazing patience.

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