Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 4th Remembered

Summertime has proven to be a time of scarcity for diary entries and I guess it is true for my blogging too. I think once I have images processed and scanned from San Francisco I will have something to show and tell.
I treated myself to a west coast visit for my birthday. One thing I don't want to forget, that I was unable to photograph and my skills at drawing in my journal are lacking, is the bonfires on the beach at Carmel by the Sea. I have never seen this before - maybe I've seen it in movies and I've heard people talk about crab boils and such. This experience was special. There were so many. As we were climbing the dunes from a full moon walk on the beach, after watching dolphins and sea otters playing in the surf, heading for our cozy little beds, I glance down the beach towards the southern end of Carmel. Far off in the distance I see glowing yellow specks everywhere. Even though I was exhausted from a long day of driving, and walking, and playing I had to push on. So we returned to the beach and roamed among the parties of families and friends gathered around their respective fires. Each fire was unique. Some were buried in the sand with sand benches circling it, elaborately fashioned into a sort of lounge like setting and others simply thrown together to be blown about by the wind. Some families where either gathering things to head home, or eating or preparing dinner while the kids darted about playing tag. Some parties where quietly talking while they sipped their drinks. Others were not so quiet-laughing, teasing, yelling for something they needed. And then some groups just stared into their fires. I liked the simple and quiet ones the best.
I want to always remember the feeling I had as we meandered by. We were surrounded on all sides and it was magical. I had such a nostalgic feeling. It was perfect fireworks for this 4th of July. I like this holiday to be wholesome and simple. Hold the big bang and bring on the sparklers for me.

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