Sunday, June 13, 2010

Remnants of the Flood

As I was biking to my mothers I sometimes go through a subdivision known to Catholic Nashvillians as Little Vatican. It is a neighborhood built in the 60's right under the shadow of St. Henry's. It is a quaint little neighborhood. The lots are smaller, the homes are smaller. When it was first built the demographics was youthful and, of course, Catholic. So there were lots of children. This was a destination for me and crews of kids from across the highway on a few Halloweens. A lot of ground could be covered in a little bit of time. We'd be dragging our candy laden pillow cases by the end of the night.

Anyway I go through the hood sometimes on my bike because the streets are quiet, and curvy and gentle. Something always seems to grab me.

This little neighborhood is potential photographic series I'd like to investigate. How many does that make now for me? Twenty? But for now I couldn't help but stop here and shoot this den on the road. It might actually have nothing to do with the flood; maybe just a group of teenage kids' project for the summer.

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