Saturday, June 26, 2010

Andrew Moore and Requiem for Detroit

Thursday I returned to Memphis to record some dying places in the city and this morning I discovered the Flak Photo (very late, I might add) of Andrew Moore's work. His work on Detroit is absolutely beautiful and haunting. I am compelled to record the areas of Memphis that are neglected with the same love and respect. "Detroit Disassembled" Andrew Moore's motivation I would imagine is recording a dying city but to bring awareness to what is happening right here in our country. Many artist are heading to Detroit. It is a "man-made Katrina" happening right under our noses. Blocks of Detroit are vacant as if it is a war zone. I had been wanting to go to Haiti and after seeing a special on Detroit's economic straits I was thinking that my help could be used north of me instead. Here is "Requiem for Detroit" at The Green Changemakers.

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