Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Estate Sale

Saturday was the long awaited estate sale of my mother's things.   I purposely kept my mind from letting the significance take over and so I concentrated on the positive aspects of the event.  My cousin Donna was a huge help in keeping the experience a pleasure.  We were "recycling."

We had several visitors from family and oldest friends stopping by to see the passing of a part of their life. I have failed to realize that my immediate family isn't the only ones suffering this goodbye.  Seeing my mother's brother and his children and my mother's late sisters' children made me see how much they all love my mother and needed to give emotional support to us and get something at the sale to remind them of her.  It was a support I did not remember I needed.

I thought I'd have time to photograph during the day but photography became secondary in this occasion.  It was too much for me to be a sister, daughter, cousin, niece and sales person to be involving myself in anything but the experience of people going through my mother's things.  I just had to sit and watch.


Nikon said...

Thank you for the visit. I love your work!

TammyPatrice said...

Thank you. My father met Ernest in Normandy in 1944. EH was with the Free French.

Nikon said...

Hi, thank you for the info in your comment.
Your father was very lucky!
In case you're interested in the straw poll at Harry's - Obama 230 - McCain - 152. Film at eleven ;)