Thursday, October 23, 2008

Today in Kentucky

Pleasant drive to Calhoun today to photography a woman of strength and hope.  She is a survivor of two heart surgeries.  As I type this I realize I can't post the image without possibly infringing on the rights of the magazine.  It was a clear day and the sky was cloudless and deep blue.  It was a perfect backdrop for our subject.  I love the autumn sunlight too.  The sun hangs low in the southern sky for hours.  It created a angelic glow around her body.  

I can post this image.  It was a nice surprise for the Monday.  All day Monday we lit each picture and it can stifle the emotion of the subject.  Or is it just me that gets stifled.  Anyway I love how his eyes are dark and he is a man who can pull it off and still look good.   This has been added to my "work in progress" website. 

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