Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ganasha Temple & Chua Tinh-Tam Temple

This morning earlier I was at the Buddhist Temple Chua Tinh-Tam again.  I am loving it.  I plan to return at some point to record the chanting.  It is the entrancing.  An hour and a half gone from me without notice.  This photo of the nun was taken last week.  It is amazing how much she looks like Buddha.  

I am mesmerized by her ears.  I want to take a picture of them really close so you can see how they are fleshy and large like Buddha.  Her teeth are perfectly straight and perfectly white which makes her smile that much more jovial.  It seems she has lived a comfortable life, but a scar on her left hands leads me to believe otherwise.

This image is from last weekend at the Sri Ganasha Temple.  He is a precious 3 year old, who shares a birthday with my great niece.  He is learning to JJ, which is prayer for the little ones. Notice his bindi smudged onto his nose.  

Today the Temple was busy and I am a becoming more comfortable.  I received a blessing today and a gift that was handed to me in a white paper bag.  I got a banana, 10 grapes and a mum bloom. The temple is exciting, festive, bustling.  Families bring offerings and ask for blessings and the comings and goings are all morning long.  It is serenely chaotic if that is possible. 

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