Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Well I did get out and I shot for my show which will be next year in July at the Centennial Gallery.  I am exploring different places of worship.  I found that every time I went out of the country I was drawn to the cathedrals, small village churches and temples.  I questioned myself why I don't do this in Nashville.  We have so many of them.  To quote  mother of another photographer I have recently met, "there must be a lot of sinners in the Nashville.  There is a church on every corner". Boy do I know it and it can be off putting but I do get satisfaction and comfort being in them. Even though it is not the only place I get a connection to the spiritual part of me I seem to get it in most the old Catholic churches-childhood memories I suppose contribute to the feeling of ease, security and comfort.   In doing this project I want to allow myself the time to enjoy, relax, and connect. Who knows. My best work may come of it.  

Today I did some visiting with my dear friend Donna.  She is the "wind beneath my wings" when I need comforting, connection, hope and love.  Thank you Donna.

Here is one of her most special contributions to our world.

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