Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Selma 2015 - Not a Bloody Sunday

I felt immense amount of love and pride in Selma Sunday and it was an education for me in "oh so many ways."  Meeting young and old, black and white, rich and poor, serious and joyful; the day proved to be generally light but purposeful.  I met a lady who march 50 years ago.  She was a teenager then, attending today with her daughter, grandson and husband.  They were proud of her and she was beautiful to me.  I was nervous like I was in the company of a celebrity.  My fingers could barely type her name out on my iPhone note pad from all my shaking.

I learned a little about the Masons and the Sisters. The proceeding links can tell you a bit more.  While I was standing in presences of the Sisters of the Order of the Eastern Star looking into the glowing white light created by the sun glistening off their white dresses, there was a peace I felt wash over me.  It was like I was nested in the bosom of love.  They truly had an angelic aura surrounding them.  And the Mason's were buzzing around them like proud bucks safeguarding their harem.

At one point I was allowed to enter the Selma Times Bldg. so I could get off a shot from its fire escape an above view of the Edmund Pettus Bridge.  As I was leaving the employee/journalist/editor, I'm not sure, led me to a dry eraser board in one of the paper's offices that had been signed by George Bush and Laura under a welcome note from the STJ.  I questioned his objectivity.

On into my day I wound my way through the crowd finding festive feelings everywhere.  The boy scouts were in attendance and churches from all across Alabama made the trek together in buses.  Each church dressed in their own special tee shirts.  There was bbq smoke drifting among the gathering.  Souvenirs were being bought and sold, drums were beating, and people where singing.  I finished my day with a full heart and high feelings even though Selma is a city still suffering from having to overcome. (here)

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