Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman Retrospective is at the MoMA and to see the work as a whole was powerful to say the least. She is incredibly prolific. The growth of her work and the consistency of the message was humbling and enlightening. Never have I seen such a big voice, a big message said with such fun and with such power. I embarrassed myself laughing loudly as the other museum goers shuffled by. Her sense of humor floors me. Her ability to conjure such emotion in each portrait left me wanting to know her. Never have I felt that so acutely.

I came to photography just as she had come in to the art world. I even toyed with the idea of using myself as a subject of expression. One semester I tried. But I didn't have the stamina nor the ability to think up such topics to explore. The questions she has put to us in the psychological, emotional and ethical realms is exciting, titillating, unnerving and uncomfortable. She is an actor, a painter, a stylist, a magician, a comedian. She is a photographer only to record her make believe world, our make believe world.

I came away looking forward to how she will deal with her old age, our old age. And I came away wanting to know who this woman really is.

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