Monday, February 8, 2010


I am experimenting with adding imagery on my site that reflects my desire to be an "Artist". I shoot so many things that are more an experience than anything. The images seem to serve no other reason than to give me something to do while doing it and an incredible addiction to collecting things. (I think collecting things is a tendency of people born under the sign of the Moon). So I have put these images together to get them out of the filing cabinet and into the light of day. These were actually shot with film. Finding them again has inspired me to bring out the Fuji 680. I'm glad I didn't sell my film cameras. I'd use them as a doorstop before selling them for the price people where willing to give. I guess this mentality goes along with my collection addiction or as I like to think about myself-incredibly loyal.


Anonymous said...

really like these images, Tamara. Such a departure from the "normal" change IS good - looks like you joined the f64 club ;-)

TammyPatrice said...

Thank you Susan for your input. Very much appreciated

Casey Brooks said...

Tamara- wow i thought you were a people shooter. But this is great. Keep em coming.