Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 1950s

This is a photograph my uncle brought with him Christmas day for me to archive digitally. I am not sure the exact Christmas. I wasn't born yet. Maybe it is 1955.

Momma is the sexy blond with the cigarette in her fingers and Daddy is the broad shoulder cocky man with his arm around her waist. You can barely see their hands clasped. They are in the 30's in this photo.

My mother's brother, Clarence, is to her left and her sister, Lois, is to Dad's right.

Christmas makes me so nostalgic. I would love to be able to recall some detail from every Christmas.

On the back of this photo is a ink stamp that reads
Tom McGee
Staff Photographer
The Nashville Tennessean

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Patrick said...

Tom McGee, the Tennessean photographer who took this photo, was my dad. In the photo, my mother, Madeleine, is second from the left. We lived next door to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Suter and their daughters, Debbie and Cindy, also in the photo on the far right side. Clarence Suter's wife was named Jane. We lived on Aladdin Drive near the old airport entrance on Briley Parkway, then McGavock Pike. I don't recognize where the photo was made, but it must have been made prior to 1957 judging from how old Debbie and Cindy appear to be.obladi612