Monday, October 19, 2009

Anne Noggle

As I work on files alone in my dry darkroom/cave/pit/ I explore the web on my laptop checking up on other photographers and what they have in their lives that I don't have (that is topic for a post on another day. You see, I get a bit carried away spending too much alone time in the dark). I was thinking about Anne Noggle and one particular image she had of her mother. I discovered that I am 4 years behind; she died in August of 2005.

I first learned of Noggle at a SPE retreat/conference in 1981 held in Valle Crucis, NC. She was the guest lecturer that weekend. There was that one particular image she had of Agnes standing in a doorway in her nightgown waving goodbye (or was it hello) that captivated me. I have not found or seen this image since that weekend but was so moved by the feeling behind it that my first fine art photography book purchase was Silver Lining.

I fell in love with her mother and their relationship. What good friends they must have been and what fun that had together. In that book we watched her mother slowly age till no more and now Anne is gone too.

I have had difficulty finding much on her on the web but here are a couple of places such as her obit or MOCP .

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