Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Genius vs Industry, Enough Is And Annie

Genius is a gift. Industry is earned. I fall within the second category.

When things come too easily I fear I've done something wrong.

Enough is difficult to accept.

With that said, I finally got the chance to watch the PBS 2008 documentary on Annie Leibovitz-Life Through A Lens. She epitomizes these concepts. Her perfectionism is a curse/a disease. I relate to her motivation of getting the right image rather than getting large sums of money. I love my work. It is what truly makes me happy. The money I get goes right back into my photography. After reading the article in the New York Magazine about her financial situation this morning (I became interested in reading more about her after seeing the documentary) I feel compassion rather than disgust. I'm not condoning it, but I get it. The documentary is aptly titled. She was only looking through the lens.

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Amy. said...

Very well said! Now I can't wait to watch that documentary. Every now and then I go to the library just to dive into Leibovitz books for a few hours. I did it earlier this week. She's phenomenal.