Saturday, December 4, 2010

Photo NOLA 2010

Compared to FotoFest in Houston which is big, intimidating and hectic, Photo NOLA is sweet, pleasant and relaxing. A big plus was the Photo Walk. After the reviews the general public is invited to come browse the work of the artist. We get to handled the work and hear from them their experience with the reviewers. Several artist were refreshingly unique and intimidatingly talented. The group was varied in experience and development. Those that shone did so in spades. These are the photographers I was mostly taken by - s.gayle stevens who uses the collodion process of photography and then there was Irina Dokhnovshaia-Lawton who used the photogravure process. I was drawn mostly to her pictorialism imagery. Other photographers of interest to me where Patrick Craig Manning's Delta images, Jenny Sampson's collodion portraits and Colleen Mullen's images of the cruise ship series which reminded me a great deal of Larry Fink.

There is a wealth of inspiration in this town. Let's hope Photo NOLA continues to grow. If you are interested in supporting New Orleans Photo community you can become a friend on Facebook at New Orleans Photo Alliance and of course learn more at the website.

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